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Germ Away MRSA Killing Fogger Part #: QUE001 Manufacturer: Armchem Qty/Pack: 12 / 6 oz cans Description: GermAway M.R.S.A. Killing Fogger is an E.P.A. disinfectant, antimicrobial agent and two-way deodorizer for use on pre-cl... 
$123.92 Qty:
Germ Away MRSA Killing Wipes Part #: QUE002 Manufacturer: Armchem Qty/Pack: 6 Tubs / 70 Wipes each Description: GermAway M.R.S.A. Killing WIPES is a E.P.A. non-woven disposable cloth containing a stable, low pH formulated disinfecta... 
$155.44 Qty:
Armchem InstantFOAM Deluxe Manufacturer: Armchem Description: Armchem's InstantFOAM Deluxe 70% alcohol-based Foam Hand Sanitizer, perfume and dye-free, to use without water to kill 9...  Options Available
GermStar Products and Systems Manufacturer: GermStar Description: To order or for more information: 1-800-987-0885

Germstar®Hand Sanitizer us... 
Options Available
Husky 891 MRSA / Arena Cleaner Manufacturer: Husky Description: Kills CA-MRSA USA-300 & 400 Strains. Combines the activity of a dialkyl quaternary with powerful cleaning agents, buffe...  Options Available

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