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Ash/Trash Containers

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Smoking Urn/Trash Receptacle Part #: RCP 2586 BLA Manufacturer: RUBBERMAID COMMERCIAL Packaging: Black/Chrome Description: • California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) Listed for fire safety Floor model with metal ashtray and refuse opening. 12... 
$290.00 Qty:
12-Gallon Atrium™ Steel Ash/Trash Receptacle with Sand Top Part #: RCP 9106 BLA Manufacturer: RUBBERMAID COMMERCIAL Packaging: Black Description: • California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) Listed for fire safety For indoor or protected outdoor use. Fire-safe constr... 
$269.15 Qty:
25-Gallon Plastic Ash/Trash Container Part #: RCP 8182-88 BEI Manufacturer: RUBBERMAID COMMERCIAL Packaging: Beige Description: • California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) Listed for fire safety Ideal for entryways, lobbies, smoking areas. Collects... 
$922.00 Qty:
Aspen Outdoor Receptacle Part #: UNI R18SU-201PL Manufacturer: UNITED RECEPTACLE Notes/Restrictions: Extra-Large Sand Urn/24-Gallon Litter Receptacle Qty/Pack: Removable 18" sq. steel sand urn top; four 9w x 5h disposal openings. 18 sq. x 32h. Shpg. wt. 70 lbs. Packaging: Brown Description: • ADA Compliant • Made from 30% recycled steel, 100% recyclable • Manufacturer's two-year warranty Vandal... 
$674.78 Qty:
Sand Urn Part #: UNI 1000E Manufacturer: UNITED RECEPTACLE Packaging: Black Description: Powder coated, fire-safe steel. Removable aluminum ashtray top. Vinyl base ring protects floors and carpeting. ADA Compl... 
$59.76 Qty:
Architek™ Series Sand Urn/17-Gallon Litter Receptacle Part #: UNI A17SU-BKPL Manufacturer: UNITED RECEPTACLE Packaging: Black/Anthracite Mesh Description: ADA Compliant. Contoured solid steel lines and perforated steel provide layered dimensions. Heavy-gauge, hot-dipped galv... 
$766.32 Qty:

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