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Dry Deodorants

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Fresh Sprinkles Part #: CHE235 Manufacturer: Armchem Instructions: Sprinkle on effected area as needed to eliminate odors. No vacuuming neccesary. Qty/Pack: 12 canisters/case Description: Unique, almost invisible crystaline particles that absorb unpleasant odors and release a clean, fresh fragrance on carpe... 
$178.39 Qty:
Instant Fresh Linen® Spray Part #: CHE190 Manufacturer: Armchem Instructions: Shake well before use. Features a 360 degree valve that allows the aerosol can to be sprayed in either upright or inverted positions. In the air spray where ever odors are present. On textiles, direct mist evenly over surface, spraying in a sweeping motion from a distance of 15-18 inches. Qty/Pack: 12 cans/case Description: Quick action dry aerosol spray eliminates and destroys most offensive odors including smoke, decay, mildew etc., and giv... 
$140.73 Qty:
D-Vour Absorbent Powder Part #: BGD 166 Manufacturer: BIG D INDUSTRIES Packaging: Lemon Scent Description: Absorbs, congeals and deodorizes liquid spills and bodily fluids for pickup; completely water soluble for easy disposal.... 
$134.00 Qty:
Granular Deodorant Part #: BGD 150 Manufacturer: BIG D INDUSTRIES Packaging: Lemon Scent Description: Clay granules destroy odors while absorbing moisture. Sprinkle on spill or other liquid mess, then vacuum or sweep away.... 
$88.00 Qty:

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