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Big Red Part #: ATH680 Description: For ant mounds, dilute 1-1/2 pints of insecticide concentrate to 100 gallons of water. Spray ant hills thoroughly so tha... 
$199.75 Qty:
Knock Out Plus Part #: ATH849 Description: Contact and residual insecticide for non-food areas. Contains .1% Permethrin for immediate knockdown for many crawling a... 
$62.95 Qty:
Citrakill Part #: ATH848 Description: EPA approved, non toxic formula safe for use around children, pets and food. Use as a contact insecticide for immediate ... 
$55.75 Qty:
Knock Down Part #: ATH399 Description: Ready-to-use knockdown insecticide. Contact insecticide contains 0.250% d-trans Allethrin. Kills all types of flying and... 
$105.50 Qty:
Farm and Industry Part #: ATH847 Description: This ready-to-use, water-based liquid insecticide offers instant contact control of crawling and flying insects. It's ef... 
$76.66 Qty:
Long Shot Super Part #: ATH195 Description: SUPER CONCENTRATED Fast knockdown insecticide, DILUTES 19 to 1 WITH WATER. Contains 1.20% Pyrethrins. Kills flies, mosqu... 
$280.80 Qty:

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