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Grease and Oils

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Hi-Load SAE 90 wt Part #: amr379 Description: Extreme pressure, multipurpose gear oils that meet & exceed MIL-L-2105E & API service classifications GL-2-GL-5. Automot... 
$10.50 Qty:
CC Moly Lubricant Part #: amr353 Description: This is an outstanding, full service, multiple application chain and cable lubricant with moly added for extra protectio... 
$9.50 Qty:
MPG/White Guard Part #: amr7241 Description: MPG White Guard (with PTFE). Finest food grease available. Fortified with E P, antiwear, rust and oxidation additives. P... 
$903.79 Qty:
D F X Part #: amr4421 Description: A modern concentrated fuel conditioner that is specifically engineered to answer the needs of today's high performance e... 
$343.50 Qty:
MPG Red Guard Part #: amr001 Description: This is an excellent non-melt grease specially formulated with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives to provide heavy... 
$480.50 Qty:
High Temp Guard Part #: amr735 Description: This synthetic blend grease is specially formulated for high temperature bearing applications up to 1100°F. This pro... 
$952.50 Qty:
Moly Guard Part #: amr7282 Description: Our highest quality premium grade grease. The molybdenum disulfide in our product reduces friction and protects against ... 
$561.75 Qty:
Fifth Wheel Grease Color:Black Part #: amr7361 Description: An extremely tacky grease formulated to adhere to open gears & 5th wheels. This very tenacious product is designed to re... 
$315.00 Qty:
Lith Guard Plus Part #: amr7331 Description: A premium quality, multipurpose grease with an operating range of -40°F to 510°F. 60 Timken load. NLGI Grade 2. ... 
$516.95 Qty:
No Seize Part #: amr737 Description: This is a metallic silver high temperature grease designed to provide high temp protection up to 2100°F. The advance... 
$235.95 Qty:

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