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Cleaners and Degreasers

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Orange Grease Digester Part #: ARR4500 Manufacturer: Armchem International Corp. Description: $60.75 per gal
100% natural super citrus degreasers for the quickest acting natural degreasing. Can be diluted with... 
$284.08 Qty:
Neutral Klean Orange Part #: VEN247 Description: A neutral cleaner for tough jobs, fortified with D-Limonene. This free rinsing phosphate free cleaner penetrates & emuls... 
$1737.09 Qty:
Con Klean Part #: ARR314 Description: Non HCL concrete cleaner and deruster. Dissolves scale, lime & mineral deposits and rust. Used to treat & delime concret... 
$60.85 Qty:
Oil Eater Part #: ARR128 Description: Non butyl non solvent concentrated all purpose cleaner deodorizer. Dilutes up to 1:100. Designed to emulsify & disperse ... 
$18.95 Qty:
Safe Klean Part #: CPC22025 Description: A high power, non-flammable, non-conductive solvent that dissolves grease, oil, tar and other soils. Safe to use on elec... 
$77.75 Qty:
Dust Mop Part #: ARR270 Description: Oil based dust mop treatment traps dust in air and on floors. Cleans and restores shine. 
$70.50 Qty:
Double Etch Part #: ARR310 Description: Inhibited solution of HCL. Cleaner and duster. Dissolves scale, lime & mineral deposits and rust. Used to treat & delime... 
$20.50 Qty:
Son of Super Brute Part #: ARR125 Description: A super concentrated butyl cleaner & degreaser. Same fine qualities as brute but has triple the butyl. Use were extra he... 
$850.39 Qty:
T M R (Tire Mark Remover) Part #: ARR130 Description: Heavy duty high alkaline degreaser with 10% free alkali. Use only where excess alkalinity is required. Formulated to sat... 
$24.95 Qty:
Super Brute Part #: ARR110 Qty/Pack: 4/1 Gallon Description: Heavy duty all purpose cleaner and degreaser. Has all the properties of brute with the added benefit of 10% butyl for ex... 
$162.38 Qty:
Blast Off Part #: ARR459 Description: A heavy duty, fast acting, flush action cleaner that quickly cuts through and removes tough grease, oil, tar, asphalt, a... 
$54.95 Qty:
Super Brute Orange Part #: ARR127 Description: High solids, cleaner & degreaser w/added cleaning power & freshness of natural orange solvents. Water dilutable & will i... 
$21.95 Qty:
Defense Super Part #: ARR441 Description: Brings life back into dull old rubber and vinyl surfaces. This product is a new environmentally safe all in one product ... 
$49.50 Qty:
Hi Pressure Wash Part #: ARR520 Description: Versatile concentrated formula designed specifically for use in Hi pressure machines. Safe, versatile, non caustic produ... 
$22.50 Qty:
Dry Foam & Shampower Part #: ARR170 Description: A new liquid dri-foam shampoo. Residue dries to a very fine white powder that can be vacuumed up. High suds with low wet... 
$28.95 Qty:
Green Slime Part #: ARR408 Description: A super strength product that derives its power from 100% of the solvents extracted from orange peels. This product form... 
$47.00 Qty:
Dust Mop Part #: ARR269 Description: Water based dust mop treatment designed to trap dust making clean ups more efficient and effective. 
$19.95 Qty:
Pizazz Part #: ARR171 Description: Special blend of low foaming detergents and emulsifiers to lift and emulsify deeply embedded soils and old shampoo. This... 
$19.95 Qty:
HT Liquid Degreaser Part #: ARR412 Description: A unique, non-chlorinated, non-corrosive, solvent based product that instantly penetrates, degreases and cleans mechanic... 
$47.25 Qty:

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